SAP Capacity leveling

SAP R3 has a finite capacity check, but only when you reschedule each order to level the capacity of the planned orders. It is NOT a “What-If” tool.

Once you have all the planned orders created by the MRP, you can run the transaction CM25 and choose a profile to choose the right intervals for the analysis.

In this situation you have this capacity overloads (the screens below are obtained by transaction CM50):


Running transaction CM25, with the appropriate time interval key (it must include the interval which the planned orders belong to), you have the following screen.


Once you have selected all the operations, you run from menu (see previous picture) “Dispatch” and all the phases are scheduled based on finite capacity criteria. If some problems happen, the log is sufficient for understand what to do.

There is also the possibility to investigate a custom model to obtain a finite capacity detailed scheduling.

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